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Ahelo Feasibility Study Report Volume 3

OECD. Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) Feasibility Study Report Volume 3 – Further Insights. 2013. Pages: 110.

The OECD published the third and last part of its AHELO Feasibility Study Report. The idea of a feasibility study on the evaluation and quality of higher education, notably in form of an evaluation of students’ performance, dates back to 2008, with the final results being published in three parts over the year 2013 (see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, August 2009, January 2013, March 2013) . The third part of Feasibility Study Report deals with value-added analysis (VAA) and conference reporting of the AHELO study. VAA describes a statistical approach with – in this case – the objective of estimating the contributions of individual higher education institutions with regard to their students during their enrolment. The conference reporting deals with the issue of communicating the results of the report and the issues discussed in the framework of the AHELO Feasibility Study Report conference.

AHELO Feasibility Study - Overview

AHELO Feasibility Study - Volume 3