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Adult education and training in Europe: Widening access to learning opportunities

European Commission, EACEA (Erudyice). European Commission, 2015. Adult education and training in Europe. ISBN: 978-92-9201-775-0

What is the educational attainment of the European adult population? What literacy, numeracy and ICT skills do adults in Europe have? Do all adults benefit equally from available lifelong learning opportunities? Data providing answers to these questions is the starting point for the Eurydice report Adult Education and Training in Europe: Widening Access to Learning Opportunities that paints a picture of the state of adult education and training in Europe. Building on priorities of the renewed European agenda for adult learning (2011), the report concentrates on policies and measures to ensure sufficient access to learning opportunities for adults whose skills and qualifications do not fully correspond to current labour market and societal requirements. In doing so, the report takes a broad perspective, considering and exploring a range of interlinked areas. 

European Commission