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ACA on EEA consultation: coordination, cooperation, continuity

In response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the European Education Area (EEA), ACA has made its contribution after an internal consultation process with the members. As an association of national actors supporting internationalisation in higher education (Erasmus+ NAs, EURAXESS BHOs and similar bodies), the developments within the EEA framework and their complementarity with the decisions made towards the renewed European Research Area (ERA) are of crucial importance for achieving and sustaining a truly international European area of knowledge, cooperation and innovation.

ACA strongly supports international cooperation in all education and training (ET) sectors, the vision of a truly transnational EEA and strengthening ties between higher education and research, in support of the latest efforts by the European Commission. A “borderless” learning area of cooperation, quality and diversity requires coordination between EEA and ERA in order to pave the way to cross-policy and cross-programme thinking and funding as a new modus operandi at all levels. The European Universities Initiative, which brings together inclusion, excellence and international cooperation, is a remarkable example of such a cross-programme approach.

ACA calls for smooth and inclusive mobility, in any form: without obstacles to recognition of credits and diplomas, and accessible to all regardless of background. While acknowledging the usefulness of digital technologies and their benefit for the green and digital transitions, ACA strongly advocates for continued support for physical international mobility of all individuals in all ET sectors. Moving towards more blended forms of course delivery requires a strong focus on digital competences for all (students, teachers and staff) and European-level needs-based peer learning for national funding bodies, HEIs and other relevant stakeholders on new trends and approaches.

More about ACA’s contribution here.

ACA has already actively engaged vis-à-vis the main policy developments through its position, input and reflection papers, such as:

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