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Academic malpractice and its effects

Barblan, Andris; Daxner, Michael and Ivosevic, Vanja. Academic malpractice threats and temptations: An essay of the Magna Charta Observatory and the National Unions of Students in Europe (ESIB). (March 2007). Bononia University Press. Observatory for Fundamental University values and rights. ISBN 98-88-7395-219-0. Pages:103. The Magna Charta Observatory monitors the use and abuse of university values and rights in today’s society. They claim that students are the first to suffer from university misconduct when the level of their learning and achievement is put into doubt for employers. That is why, over the last few years, several ESIB members and the national unions of students in Europe have been enquiring about corruption and academic malpractice in their countries. In February 2005, the two organisations issued a statement of concern pointing out the areas of academic activity usually threatened by corruption. This publication is an explanation of the statement of concern, revising the mission and strategies of universities and proposing possible measures to avoid malpractices in higher education and research. Magna Charta Observatory