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Academic and professional careers of European Schools’ graduates

Study: Analysis of the academic and professional careers of the graduates of the European Schools, Brussels, European Parliament, 2008.

The recent European Parliament study, based on the answers to an electronic survey conducted between February-September 2008 among approximatively 3000 European Schools’ graduates, provides quantitative as well as qualitative data on the academic and professional careers of this particular category of graduates. Examining also the impact of the European Schools’ curriculum on the higher education and career paths of their graduates, the report tries to identify the strengths of the European Schools’ system. In addition, it provides information on the degree of satisfaction of graduates with the education received therein.

The report concludes that this type of education seems to prepare its pupils “very well for an often international academic and/or professional career”, considering its foreign languages focus and flexibility and the importance it attaches to the teaching of sciences.

A question remains unanswered: Is it advisable to try to “export” these strengths of the European Schools to national education systems?

The report can be downloaded from the website of the European Parliament.

European Parliament