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ACA to help CMEPIUS select target countries for the promotion of Slovene higher education

ACA is very happy to announce that its Slovenian member CMEPIUS has entrusted it with producing a small study the aim of which it is to identify +/- five countries which Slovenia is in the future going to prioritise in efforts to promote Slovenian higher education abroad. ACA will test the suitability of about 15 countries which Slovenia could imagine focussing its marketing efforts on and select the five chosen ones by means of a ranking based on about 20 indicators in the areas of (higher) education, the economy and demographics, amongst others. Data will be collected from high-quality data collections, such as those of Eurostat, OECD and UNESCO.
Work on the project has already started. The final report, with the recommendations on the choice of the priority countries, will be delivered to CMEPIUS still before the end of this year. Provided that CMEPIUS will be satisfied by the results of the ACA study, it might award a follow-up contract, to decide on matters related to how to market and recruit students in the different target countries.