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ACA – The Lisbon agenda and the universities: what does the future hold for us?

The Lisbon agenda touches directly at the heart of some the pressing challenges that higher education institutions face today: the global competition for the best students, the fight for sufficient (and alternative sources of) funding, and an increasing accountability for services provided. But what can and should the institutions do? How should they react to these external pressures and use them for their best advantage? What does the future hold for the universities, and how can they contribute to shaping it?

These questions are the core of the next ACA conference - ‘The future of the university’ - in Vienna on 30 November -2 December. The conference offers an opportunity to listen to some insightful inputs by key actors in international higher education. Perhaps even more importantly, it offers also an opportunity to participate actively in discussion on the future of universities through highly interactive workshops sessions. For more information and on-line registrations for the conference ‘The future of the university’, please see the link below.

Upcoming ACA Conference - The Future of the University