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ACA study for Slovenian higher education future prospects

Based on inputs from its member CMEPIUS (Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+ and other programmes), the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) has recently carried out a study focusing on Slovenian priorities and prospects in higher education for attracting foreign students into the country. The study takes into account the Strategy for Internationalisation of Slovenian Higher Education 2016-2020, which outlines the main national priorities for enhancing the visibility of Slovenia as a destination for higher education, and expands further on the topic.

The study was presented at the Study in Europe meeting of higher education promotional agencies, which took place on 14 and 15 March 2019 in Brussels. During the meeting, the presentation of the study sparked a lively discussion on best practices, common challenges and shared experiences among the participants representing different countries.

The study builds on four main axes:

  • cooperation potential (academic and beyond);
  • mobility potential (mostly incoming);
  • push and pull factors (social and economic); and,
  • system potential (demographic factors and enrolment).


28 indicators were used for this research and data was collected from various reliable sources. The study was conducted based on both the interest of Slovenian higher education institutions (HEIs) and the growing number of English-taught Master courses in Slovenia.

The results of the study will be further discussed on different levels with Slovenian HEIs. The findings will be integrated in the future strategy and action plan for internationalisation of Slovenian higher education and in the CMEPIUS promotional activities.