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ACA/SI seminar on funding of international students

In cooperation with one of ACA’s member organisations in Sweden, the Swedish Institute, ACA welcomed the participants of the 22nd ACA European Policy Seminar in lovely Stockholm. Under the title “Making ends meet - Innovative ways of funding international students”, renowned speakers from various European countries explored how international students are and could be financed in their respective national or institutional contexts. The event addressed questions such as tuition fees for international students, in particular the setting of appropriate fee levels, but also the calculation of costs per student in different higher education systems. Furthermore, the strategic use of scholarships to attract talent as well as fundraising offices and alumni networks as financing models were introduced. The lively debate among speakers and participants made this a very interactive seminar. ACA would like to thank its partners the Swedish Institute and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, all speakers and the audience for a rich and stimulating event. ACA