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ACA seminar on crisis management in international higher education: Pooling together our experiences and expertise

ACA European Policy Seminar - “Crisis management in international higher education Brussels, 13 October 2016

As the summer is approaching its end, the ACA Secretariat is warming up for the next ACA European Policy Seminar. This time, we will be investigating the darker side of internationalisation – crisis management - following on the renewed concerns in the higher education field and the identified need for more exchange beyond single institutions and countries.

  • What is international about crisis management?
  • Why is a crisis management plan needed at institutional level and how to develop one?
  • How to provide an immediate response in crisis situations and how to communicate internally and externally?

ACA’s seminar will try to answer these questions by looking into a number of crisis scenarios in international higher education and at how higher education institutions can strategically prepare for and respond to emergency situations. From political turmoil to health hazards, accidents and natural disasters, crises of different types and magnitudes remind us that going international demands preparedness, responsibility and good division of labour at the higher education institution.

Our speakers, experts in international higher education and crisis management, practitioners in the field and leaders of European and US universities, will share their expertise, experience and lessons learned concerning the risks and threats involved in international cooperation in higher education. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in plenary and group sessions, to debate in larger groups and work on practical questions in a workshop setting.

Join ACA and the international higher education community on 13 October in Brussels and get informed, involved and inspired! Event page  Programme  Registrations