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ACA’s next seminar: Cooperation between the EU and Latin America

ACA is proud to announce the third ACA European Policy Seminar of 2006, which will take place on 13 October 2006 at the Club de la Fondation Universitaire / Universitaire Stichting in Brussels.

The European Policy Seminars aim to familiarise higher education institutions with the latest developments in European policy and programmes in education, training and research.

This seminar will be the second seminar devoted to the relations between Europe and other world regions. The focus will this time be on Latin America: what is happening in Latin America’s higher education systems and economies? How could the European Union, its member states and universities best cooperate with their counterparts in Latin America? What are possible models and tools to foster this cooperation? What is being done, and what are the perspectives for the future? How does bilateral cooperation fit in the European context? What works for European institutions, from strategic cooperation and targeted recruitment to the setting up of specific regional programmes?

These and other questions will be addressed by European, national and institutional level experts, among them Hans de Wit (Director of the Hague Forum for Judicial Expertise/Consultant and Researcher International Higher Education, The Netherlands), Smilja Dabène (Science-Po Paris in Poitiers, France), Alberto M. Sereno (Director of the AlBan Office, Porto, Portugal). More information on the programme will follow shortly.

Cooperation in higher education between Europe and other world regions: Latin America