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ACA member DZS launches the nationwide campaign “Go Abroad”

The Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS) launched a nationwide campaign called VYJED.CZ (GO ABROAD) last year, targeting mainly young people who might be interested in study, internship or volunteer experiences abroad. The campaign aims to encourage them to apply for Erasmus+. A set of posters with testimonials of previous participants as well as motivational messages was published and distributed to several Czech towns, where they are being displayed in strategic places such as public transport, universities and city lights advertising. Furthermore, the campaign is being promoted online and in cinemas. A special website was also created. A total of five videos were produced as part of the campaign to both motivate and inspire students to GO ABROAD. Two of them were created in cooperation with an advert agency Tvurcí skupina Jana Látala. Their first video Experiment Erasmus was released in November and has so far reached an audience of 200 000 viewers.


Link to the video