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ACA launches new “Think Piece” series for 2021 on inclusion in IHE

Following 2020’s successful run of ACA’s “Think Pieces” series The World after COVID-19, exploring the consequences on the international higher education sector, ACA has launched a new series of reflections from thought leaders around Europe on the theme of inclusion in international higher education. 

To assist colleagues in the international sector move towards nuanced inclusion solutions, ACA is delighted to spotlight leading voices of higher education inclusion and internationalisation.  Towards the end of every month between now and December 2021, expert authors of the 2021 ACA “Think Pieces” series will provide brief, candid insights on breaking institutional taboos, practical examples of how to design inclusive institutional internationalisation strategies, how to identify and track data of underrepresented demographic groups, and to implement inclusive communication techniques, among other enriching observations. 

This month’s inaugural “Think Piece” of this series offers an introduction that looks at the past and present of the international higher education sector through the lens of inclusion.  The authors (John Delap, Senior Policy and Project Officer, Inclusion, and Irina Ferencz, Director, both of ACA) set the stage for the series by examining useful lessons our sector can draw from the institutional history of higher education in Europe.  This history is linked with a broad overview of the current European policy landscape regarding higher education inclusion, with a particular focus on internationalisation initiatives.  

You can read this first instalment of this new “Think Piece” series here.  We look forward to the expert views of our contributors who will add their valuable and urgent perspectives on inclusion in the coming months!