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ACA kicks off new peer exchange platform for members 

ACA’s most recent General Assembly in November 2020 saw the launch of five new fora created for members to have a space for in-depth discussion of specific issues highly relevant to the field of international higher education in the coming years.  Staff of all ACA member organisations are eligible to join as many of these fora, titled Thematic Peer Groups (TPGs), as they wish.  Each TPG serves as a resource to provide concrete tools, inspiring examples and new project ideas to members which will assist with capacity building and implementing best practices in the field.   

The week of 25 January 2021 featured the first full meetings of each TPG under the leadership of the newly appointed Co-Chairs.  These meetings were well attended and served as a useful catalyst to advance synergies among ACA members in the months ahead.  We look forward to future collaboration in these groups and we will keep ACA members posted on any projects and collaborations emerging from the TPGs.   

The groups, which will each meet a minimum of three times per year, are as follows: 





COVID-19 impact on ACA members’ activities  

Ulrich Grothus (ACA President) with support for ACA Secretariat 


Research in international higher education 

Irma Garam (EDUFI) & Irina Ferencz (ACA) 


European policy and programme developments 

Ragnhild Berg (Diku) & Veronika Kupriyanova (ACA) 


Widening inclusion in international higher education 

Julia Oesterbauer (OEAD) & John Delap (ACA) 


Digitilisation and green mobility 

Bozidar Grigic (CMEPIUS) & Martin Bogdan (ACA) 


Staff at ACA member organisations are still welcome to join any of the above TPGs.  Simply send an email to for more information or to receive the minutes of past meetings.