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ACA June 2022 General Assembly highlights

The Spring 2022 General Assembly of ACA took place online on 9-10 June 2022, under the chairmanship of ACA's President, Ulrich Grothus. This was the first formal General Assembly with the participation of new ACA members – Uni-Italia and SEPIE – that joined the association in the past few months.

In addition to the usual business, covering the formal approval of the 2021 Accounts, an update from member organisations and their countries, and a discussion on the Progress Report and upcoming activities, members also:

  • zoomed into the first concept of the ACAdemy Inclusion training series, that is to be co-delivered together with several ACA member organisations and expert partners;
  • provided input for ACA’s upcoming Strategic Summit 2022, which will take place in Brussels on 5 October, bringing together the top leadership levels of ACA members and a few like organisations, to discuss organisational transformations during times of uncertainty and the role of national-level internationalisation actors and agencies in shaping the future of international cooperation in higher education; and
  • gave input, via to rounds of workshops, on ACA’s upcoming Strategy, discussing future Organisational Goals, as well as Focus areas and related activities (and services).

The next ACA General Assembly will take place in Poland on 29-30 November 2022 and will be hosted by ACA’s member NAWA – the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, marking also NAWA’s 5th anniversary this year.