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ACA events in the first half of 2007: calendar online

ACA is heading for a very eventful 2007. We are proud to announce the next two seminars in the European Policy Seminar series.  Furthermore, we are happy to invite you to ACA's annual conference, which will take place in Berlin. First information on these events is now available on the ACA website. 

ACA Annual Conference 2007: The Many Faces of Internationalisation

  • 13-15 May 2007, Berlin
  • In cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German-American Fulbright Commission
  • The conference will revisit the theme of internationalisation, by trying to identify and analyse its manifold concepts, and to create an overview of its practice in selected countries and regions in the world.

ACA European Policy Seminar series

What's new in Brussels 2007?

  • 19 January or 02 February, Brussels
  • This will be a general seminar to keep you up to date on the European Commission policies and programmes, which play an important role for our continent's higher education institutions. The new generation of programmes, Erasmus Mundus, global marketing and other current topics will be discussed.
Meeting student expectations: from minimum provision to pampering talent. Principles and practice in services for international students
  • 16 or 30 March, Brussels
  • This will be a specific seminar discussing the overall trends and present models in international student support - based in part on a recent ACA study - and offering good practice examples from several European countries.
...and beyond European policy seminars later in 2007 will deal with the latest developments in the Bologna Process (the "aftermath" of London) and/or with cooperation in higher education between Europe and the US, Canada and Australia.