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ACA-ASEF project: First phase completed

ACA has just completed the first phase of a project in cooperation with the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), consisting of the creation of a webportal providing information on higher education systems and scholarship opportunities at antional level for Bachelor, Master and PhD studiesin the European Union and in the Asian ASEM countries.

The study showed remarkable differences between EU countries with regard to scholarship opportunities available, with Germany being the country with by far the highest number of scholarship programmes and grants available, followed by the Netherlands, while Italy and Ireland have the lowest number of scholarship opportunities. Among the Asian ASEM countries Japan is, quite unsurprisingly, the country with the largest number of scholarship opportunities.

The webportal is currently in its develoment phase; the ACA Newsletter-Education Europe will inform its readers when the webportal will become fully operational. For further information, please contact the ACA Secretariat.