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ACA and EUA working together to support the improvement of mobility strategies

In October 2013 ACA began a new collaboration with the European University Association (EUA) in the framework of a joint project – Mobility Policy Practice Connect (MPPC). This initiative, co-funded under the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, aims to build capacity at system and institutional level to create and implement comprehensive mobility strategies

The project builds on previous work done by both organisations in this field, namely EUA’s Mapping Mobility in European Higher Education publications as well as the MOWIN (Mobility windows) and More specifically, the MPPC project is to

  • support, with the participation of national rectors’ conferences in three target countries – France (CPU), Hungary (MRK) and Lithuania (LURK) – the development and enhancement of national mobility strategies, which is one of the milestones of the Mobility for Better Learning strategy of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), adopted by education ministers in April 2012.
  • concentrate on the three national case studies where the capacity development activities will take place and use these countries as examples for how policy makers and institutions can work together to define/improve national and institutional strategies for mobility across Europe.
  • conduct an ex-post analysis of the experience of three of the universities that piloted the mobility mapping tool (MMT) developed in the framework of EUA’s MAUNIMO project. The ex-post analysis will be linked to the other activities organised in the target countries.

The outcomes of these activities will be published in a policy brief in September 2014 and will be widely disseminated.

The project team is currently planning different activities in the target countries. The project will last until the end of September 2014.


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