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A year on, European Funding Guide is a success

European Funding Guide, an EU-backed portal compiling funding opportunities, has now been helping students find scholarships, grants and loans for financing their education in Europe for over a year. Launched in September 2014, today the extensive database contains over 12 000 funding opportunities, worth in excess of EUR 27 billion. In addition to compiling 80% of the 15 000 scholarships, grants, awards and loans on offer in the EU, the portal also features work experience openings in Europe and offers tips and resources to support students in the application process. 

The European Funding Guide project addresses the main reason that discourages students from international mobility: uncertainty about the costs of studying abroad. The portal has certainly managed to reach the right audience, as user data show that 65% of its visitors are in financial need and 27% come from non-academic or migrant backgrounds. By filling the information gap on the availability of financial support, the portal contributes to the Erasmus+ programme. The project team hopes that as the awareness among students about funding opportunities grows, financial aid providers will be encouraged to increase the amounts of financial assistance available. European Commission European Funding Guide