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A special ACA anniversary

This month marks a special anniversary for ACA: joining the Secretariat as its Director in October 1998, Bernd Wächter has been with the ACA Secretariat for 10 years now.

As director, his role in the success of ACA has been pivotal. In these ten years Bernd Wächter has supported ACA’s development into a well known and reliable voice in international cooperation in higher education, and has solidified ACA’s reputation as a high-caliber expert organisation. With his lead as the editor of the ACA Papers in International Cooperation in Education, the book series has seen the publication of no less than 15 volumes since its launch in 1999.

ACA wishes to congratulate Bernd Wächter and thank him for the years of hard work and profound dedication, to which the Secretariat and the entire ACA membership owe a great deal.  We hope to look forward to another equally prolific and inspiring 10 years!