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A global approach to research, innovation, education and youth

EUA. (2021) A global approach to research, innovation, education and youth. Brussels, Belgium.

This EUA policy input aims to inform the upcoming European Commission Communication on a global approach to research, education, innovation and youth. Expected in April, the Communication is intended to give direction to the EU’s international academic collaborations as the new generation of EU funding programmes such as Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ are launched and negotiations on the association of third countries continue.

In light of the changed geopolitical context, EUA welcomes the preparation of the Communication, which will speak broadly to the spectrum of university missions. Furthermore, EUA seeks to ensure that academic cooperation is part of the evolving concept of open strategic autonomy of the EU.

The policy input was developed by the members of the EUA European Global Strategy Response Group and approved by the EUA Council.

Find the document here