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A European approach to micro-credentials

Shapiro Futures, Hanne, Andersen, Tine and Nedergaard, Kristine. (2020) A European approach to micro-credentials. European Commission.

The European Commission has launched a report on the micro-credentials, which are being developed as part of the European Skill Agenda and pursuing the goal of achieving the European Education Area by 2025. Therefore, education systems need to adapt to strengthen their key role in supporting lifelong learning and reaching out to a more diverse student body. Short-term learning opportunities leading to micro-credentials can help to substantially widen learning and skills development opportunities, and further shape the lifelong learning dimension in higher education. 

This final report is the output from a consultation group on the topic.  

This report focuses on: 

  • Introducing the European approach to micro-credentials
  • Providing a definition 
  • Presenting the framework and building blocks 
  • Introducing a roadmap for actions 

For more information, please see the full report.