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“Musical chairs” for Commission Directors General

At the beginning of November the European Commission adopted a decision on mobility of Directors-General, Deputy Directors-General, and some other senior management staff. The reshuffle is driven by the Commission’s principles of regular mobility of senior staff and applies to officials who have reached five years of seniority in their post in 2005, as well as to those whose nationality coincides with that of the respective commissioner. The reshuffling of posts will affect 17 Directors and Deputy Directors-General between now and the 1st of January 2006. A further 11 places will be filled after internally published vacancy notices, and another 5 externally by applicants from the ten new member states. The reshuffiling affects both DG Education and Culture and DG Research: Jose Manuel Silva Rodriguez, a Spanish agricultural engineer and Director-General for DG Agriculture, will be the new Director-General for DG Research. Mr. Silva Rodriguez has worked in the Commission DG Agriculture since 1987, before which he worked as a counselor for agricultural affairs in Spain, and was a member of the delegation for Spain EU accession negotiations. The current Director-General for Education and Culture Klaus van der Pas will change places with Odile Quintin, the Director-General of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal opportunity. Ms. Quintin (France) has been an officer in the Commission since 1971. Within the Commission, before joining her current Directorate in 1982, she has worked as administrator in DG Agriculture and in DG Foreign Affairs. In addition to the swap, a new position of a Deputy Director-General was created for DG Education and Culture. This function is reserved for recruitment from the 10 new member states.  The new Secretary General of the European Commission is Catherine Day (Ireland). Commission Press Release