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“Let’s Go!” Campaign

In November 2007, ESU (European Student Union) and EI (Education International) had launched a campaign entitled “Let’s Go!”, to ensure that students and teacher voices would be heard across Europe.  The campaign aimed at bringing the issues that teachers and students face when going abroad to study, teach or research to the centre of the political debate. Activities within the campaign covered sports tournaments, concerts and marches, as well as debates, meetings with relevant authorities, TV shows and letters to embassies and ministries concerning visas.  The campaign ended with a validation conference on 6-9 October 2008, which discussed the first results of the activities carried out since November 2007. Crucial themes were:

  • financing mobility,
  • mobility and quality,
  • diversifying mobility,
  • mobility of social security, and
  • pensions and trade in education with special attention to mobility aspects of trade.

The results will feed into a report to the Bologna Follow-up Group and the upcoming ministerial conference in Louvain-la-Neuve in April 2009.

Let’s Go