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“Education today fails to produce global citizens”: BC youth forum conclusions

Between 15-17 January 2007, 60 young leaders from around the globe came together in Greenwich London to address how levels of inclusively, tolerance and diversity in all levels of education might be improved. This initiative, launched by the British Council and the World Economic Forum, is part of a year long project targeting young leaders between ages 20-25, who are closest to the experiences of a new generation of global education. Six representatives were chosen to voice the Greenwich conclusions at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos (24-28 January 2007). In a presentation entitled ‘The Wisdom of Youth’, these six young leaders proposed at Davos an ambitious action plan for the establishment of a Global Fund for Education. This fund would be modeled after the Global Fund for Health, uniting all stakeholders in education to:
  • invest in quality teacher training;
  • decrease class sizes around the globe;
  • decrease absenteeism of teachers in under developed countries; and
  • orient global education to nurture global citizens.
Previously, this British Council-lead initiative has held global discussion blogs on the subject of global citizenship and a Commonwealth Youth Summit in Johannesburg that produced recommendation to the Education ministers of the countries involved. Additional events still to take place are a World Conference on modern Universities in Oxford (April 2007) and the Mediterranean Universities Forum in Alexandria (June 2007). British Council press release
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