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43rd ACA European Policy Seminar: Get enlightened on Liberal Arts!

The next ACA European Policy Seminar is getting closer and ACA is looking forward to welcoming you on 9 October in Brussels to discuss Liberal Arts (and Sciences) education in Europe. The seminar will provide an introduction into the philosophy and the main features of Liberal Arts education, amongst them the college system, undergraduate research and (small) size. It will also present and analyse varied examples of successful Liberal Arts programmes in different European countries. If you are interested and you haven’t registered yet, there is still time to do it here.

Are you still in the dark about Liberal Arts and Sciences education? Before joining us at the seminar, you can start to satisfy your curiosity by taking a look at the Bernd Wächter Series.  Throughout three short video episodes, ACA Director Bernd Wächter will enlighten you on Liberal Arts education: watch the Bernd Wächter Series here!

Programme of the seminar: ACA