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2e2f: “Erasmus Image” survey in France

The Agence Europe-Education-Formation France presented on 10 April the results of a survey by TNS Sofres Institute on the “Erasmus image” in France. The survey was conducted online with 1 000 individuals aged 16-65, in order to examine the reputation and values connected to the Erasmus programme.

When respondents were asked to name an EU programme or action that comes to their mind first, Erasmus ended up in the third place, just after EURO and CAP. Out of 73% of those who know about the programme, 37% say they know it well or very well. Only 3% of respondents, though, have had personal experience in Erasmus or a similar European programme, but all of them would recommend participation in the programme, mostly for improving a foreign language (72%), for friendships and intercultural encounters (60%) and for education or work (45%). 

Overall, it appears that Erasmus vehicles very positive values as a synonym for exchange. The programme is associated with language practice, the discovery of Europe, cultural openness (each for 95% of the French people who know Erasmus), training and competence (90%), and European citizenship (89%).

Directions and priorities of the new enhanced Erasmus+ (2014-2020) programme were also tested. These questions are an echo of open discussions during the pre-campaign for the European elections on issues of European mobility programs for employability and the construction of European citizenship. The results show that professional training, traineeships and partnerships as the three most interesting features of the new Erasmus+ programme. 

Survey results (PDF, in French)