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2013 CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey

Gonzales, L., Remington, J. & Allum, J. Findings from the 2013
CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey - Phase I: Applications
. Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), Washington, 2013. Pages: 12.

In 2004, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) started a multi-year empirical examination of international graduate application, admission, and enrolment trends, supported by a three-phase survey of CGS member institutions: the CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey. Phase one consists of a snapshot of applications to U.S. graduate schools from international students, whereas phase two and three present final applications, final offers of admission and total international graduate student enrolment.

The data collected for this year’s phase one of the survey shows that applications from prospective international students to U.S. graduate schools increased a mere 1% in 2013, compared with 9% in 2012 and 11% in 2011. This represents the smallest growth in applications over the past eight years, due primarily to the decline in Chinese students (-5%) and partly offset by the increase of Indian and Brazilian students.

CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey