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2012 Global R&D Funding Forecast

Battelle, Advantage Business Media. 2012 Global R&D Funding Forecast. Cleveland, OH and Elk Grove Village, IL. Pages: 36.

A collaborative effort of Battelle and R&D Magazine (Advantage Business Media), the 2012 Global R&D Funding Forecast provides a snapshot of research and development (R&D) funding trends worldwide. The newest report in this annual series of forecasts is built upon surveys and literature review including the study on data released in 2011. Projections for R&D funding are made by regions, countries (top 40) and specific areas of research (ICT, life sciences, energy, etc.), as well as by global industry leaders. Additionally, the report offers insight into industrial R&D investment and links to basic research. Detailed summaries of funding patterns in the regions/countries that account for nearly 92% of global R&D spending – the United States, the European Union and Asia – complement the global comparative perspective of the report. Also, three new emerging countries were included in the 2012 Forecast: Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Some of the report’s major highlights are: 

  • global R&D spending should increase by 5.2% to USD 1.4 trillion (~EUR 1 trillion) by 2012; 
  • US industry R&D is likely to increase by 3.8% to USD 280 billion (~EUR 220 billion); 
  • there is growing worldwide emphasis on basic research; and 
  • there is increasing importance of the return on investment for R&D expenditures and collaboration.