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 Leadership transitions in universities: arriving surviving, and thriving at the top

Kennie, T., & Middlehurst R. (2021). Leadership transitions in universities: arriving surviving, and thriving at the top. B/W Illustrations. 

This book focuses on a healthy system of transitions at the top of higher education institutions. There are typical procedures that occur, in which, senior managers get promoted, heads of universities retire, take up new leadership positions in different institutions or countries, or move on to other types of work inside and outside higher education. However, in some cases, university leaders have to step down either temporarily or permanently for personal reasons or professional failings. 

Spotlight is usually focused on the individuals at the top. However, there are many other transitions that can occur simultaneously or sequentially – a change in leadership of the governing body, changes in the membership of the university’s senior leadership team, or wider political changes at the local or national level. Any of these can impact the institution and its’ members. One transition at the top is often part of a wider “web of transitions” that people need to tackle. Both the more prominent (and more hidden) transitions create turbulence for institutions and their communities. If the transitions and their potential consequences are noted and attended to, associated risks can be more readily identified, assessed, and managed. 

 The book can be found here