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Internationalisation at home – developing global citizens without travel

UUKI. (2021). Internationalisation at home - developing global citizens without travel.Universities UK.

This report focuses on international activities delivered at home and aims to show the beneficial impacts of these. Most activities tend to be based on-campus, in local communities, or via the virtual classroom and attempt to provide an international and intercultural experience for all students that partake. The COVID-19 pandemic alongside the climate crisis has pushed many institutions to find ways that students are still able to receive an international experience while remaining on campus. As internationalization at home initiatives are being increasingly identified as a way for students to gain international competences and become globally agile graduates. This report shows the range of activities that are being carried out by universities and the positive effects they have on students and campuses, including breaking down barriers to physical mobility and making campuses more inclusive and sustainable places. It looks at case studies from UK, Australia, and the USA to illustrate these points.  

 The report can be found here