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Governing the discourse of internationalization in the USA: the influence of higher education professional associations

Deuel, R.P. Governing the Discourse of Internationalization in the USA: The Influence of Higher Education Professional Associations. High Educ Policy (2021).  

This paper focuses on the influences that Higher education professional associations (HEPAs)have as well-established agents of knowledge production in shaping higher education policies and practices. In terms of US international higher education, HEPAs have contributed to the rise of ‘internationalization’ as a discursive practice. This paper studies a corpus of The American Council on Education (ACE) and National Association of Financial Services Auditors (NAFSA)to trace the emergence of internationalization and its lines of transformation as both a regime of truth and a regime of practice in the context of US higher education over the last 30 or so years. Findings from this study indicate that since its emergence in the 1980s, HEPAs have participated in the transformation of internationalization from a discourse of exchange to a discourse of competition. 

 The paper can be found here