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Natalya Sharovatova; biographical notes

Natalya joined the ACA Secretariat in May 2022 to support the ACA staff with the exploratory study of Erasmus+ staff mobility impact: from personal to institutional-level benefits and impact. This study is part of a Transnational Cooperation Action project implemented by ACA and its members, AMPEU, CMEPIUS, DZS, OeAD, Rannis, and TPF.

Natalya is currently pursuing a degree in Research and Innovation in Higher Education with a specialisation in Leadership and Management of Higher Education as a part of the Erasmus Mundus Master program. Natalya graduated from Andijan State University, the Department of English Language and Literature, and spent a full academic year in the United States of America as a part of an exchange program called Global UGRAD where she studied International Relations and Political Science along with learning Spanish and American culture and Government. 

Natalya has completed several internships throughout her studies, focusing on governance and education, and quality assurance in public and private institutions. She spent her first two Master's program semesters in Austria and Finland studying systems, policies, and organisation of higher education in Europe before she joined ACA in May 2022. Natalya previously managed a private school where she managed access to and assessment of education, designed a curriculum and provided training to teachers and interns. She is interested in areas that focus on the enhancement of higher education, politics, education policies, mobility, and internationalisation. 

Natalya enjoys learning languages and can speak Uzbek, Russian, and intermediate-level Spanish. In her free time, she prefers to read books and listen to podcasts.