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Germany: Legal Frameworks and Policies

Third country nationals who received the right for an asylum and with a residence in Germany in line with section 25.1 / 25.2 of the German Residence Act as well as refugees having a residence permit according to section 23.1/ 23.2 of the German Residence Act are eligible to study at German institutions of higher education.

Moreover, asylum seekers being in process of asylum application and having a temporary residence permit called "Aufenthaltsgestattung" may, in principle, attend university unless their residence permit contains an explicit restraint on studying (Studienverbot).

If regular studying is not possible, at some German institutions of higher education one may enrol as a guest student or participate in a Taster Course Programme during this time. Such courses may count as credits towards your degree if you commence regular studying later onwards. More on EURAXESS and Study in Europe Germany


Relevant legislation:


Central Office for Higher Education - Recognition of foreign degrees