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Brussels, 24-25 September 2018           

The main goal of the GREET Peer Learning Activity (PLA) was to provide the exchange of practice and mutual learning opportunities for stakeholders from different levels of implementation - representatives of national-level organisations and higher education institutions in the nine target countries, as well as to serve as a discussion platform to identify the most pertinent themes for the activities to be implemented in the next stages of GREET. These activities continued with three thematic webinars in February-March 2019, followed by the final dissemination event on 13-14 June 2019 in Brussels and finally, for the preparation of relevant material for the online compendium.

The PLA was a two-day activity, with distinct themes per day - the first day focusing on the integration of refugee students and presenting good practices in this area, starting from Germany (example of DAAD programmes and the experiences of the University of Cologne) and giving participants the floor to share their experiences in parallel sessions. The second day started with an introduction to the theme of the day i.e. supporting threatened scholars by Scholars at Risk and IIE Scholar Rescue Fund, before moving to participants’ experiences in two parallel sessions.

More information and the main results of the PLA can be found in the PLA report below. The presentations from the PLA are also available via the link below.

PLA programme

PLA report