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Austria: Peer Support Structures


Arabische Studierende in Österreich - Arab Students in Austria



Interessensgemeinschaft afghanischer Studenten_innen und Schüler_innen - Students from Afghanistan


UNHCR Austria's project: Community Dialog Forum (in German)


STEOP-Mentoring Programm des CTL - Centre for teaching and learning University of Vienna

This service is only available for students registered at the University of Vienna - the program is designed to support students at the beginning of their studies.


Mentoring for migrants

The project, which is run jointly by WKO, AMS and the Austrian Integration Fund, supports qualified people with migration background when entering the Austrian labor market by bringing together mentees with a migration background and mentors. More information is available also here.


ESF_Project Peer-Mentoring
Support from peers during the transition to tertiary education 


Networking: It is recommended to sign up for all newsletters of various research and higher education institutions in Austria and use social media to get an idea of the provided services and events. Here are lists of Research institutions and Higher education institutions as well as research funding and central research funding institutions in Austria.

See also EURAXESS Austria for more information.

EURAXESS Meeting Point Vienna - The platform offers various tools for the exchange of information and experience and aims to strengthen the social integration of international PhD students, researchers and teachers in Vienna.


Further research networks/opportunities:

AMS-Forschungsnetzwerk: research platform of the Austrian employment service

Austrian Centre for Social Innovation ZSI

Finding your way into employment against all odds? Successful job search of refugees in Austria - an article