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Aicha Hefiela; biographical notes

Aicha Hefiela joined ACA in 2021 as a trainee. She contributes to research-based policy advice by preparing policy notes for each of ACA's Thematic Peer Groups. She also contributes to the dissemination of research-based knowledge to non-academic organisations through developing sensitisation campaigns. She also proof reads reports made by members of the organisation, as well as support ACA's advocacy work and ongoing projects. 

Aicha holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Social Sciences with a major in Sociology and a minor in political science and communication studies from Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Universiteit Gent. She is currently working towards a Master in Science of Sociology degree at the University of Gent.  

Of Belgian and Egyptian citizenship, Aicha grew up in Kuwait, where she lived for 18 yearsShe speaks English and Arabic fluently and can briefly communicate in Dutch and French. Her multicultural international background sparked her interest in training at ACA. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and watching Netflix.