Edition 64 - August 2006

News from ACA

British Council: Upcoming international education conference

The British Council is organising a second Going Global conference to take place from 7th to 8th Dec... (+more)

Wissenschaft weltoffen 2006: latest data on international study and research in Germany

The DAAD has just released the 2006 issue of Wissenschaft weltoffen, its annual report on the intern... (+more)

Next European Higher Education Fair events

Within the context of the European Commission-funded European Higher Education Fairs (EHEFs), ACA's ... (+more)

ACA high level event on European and national programmes in higher education

ACA, together with its members the Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA) and the Slovak Aca... (+more)

Next ACA seminar on cooperation between the EU and Latin America: Final programme online

The full programme of the 11th ACA European Policy Seminar “Cooperation in higher education betwee... (+more)

News service for Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association

Earlier this month, a news service for all Erasmus Mundus students and graduates was launched. The E... (+more)

ACA supports University of Maastricht conference on quality of education

The University of Maastricht, in cooperation with ACA, is organising a joint conference "Q... (+more)

European Policy

Agreement over stem cell research clears way for FP7

The Council reached political agreement by qualified majority on the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) w... (+more)

EIT: EUA comments on the latest EC communication

The European University Association (EUA) has sent further comments to the European Commission follo... (+more)

ESF announces winners of the 2006 European Young Investigator Award

A total of 25 researchers have been selected as the winners of the 2006 European Young Investigator ... (+more)

Council of Europe launches website on higher education for democratic culture

ACA already reported in the July issue of the ACA Newsletter Education Europe about the adoption of ... (+more)

First European-wide job fair event

More than 250 European towns and cities will participate in the first European-wide job fair on 29th... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Greece: Wave of reforms in higher education

The Greek press reported, early this summer, about university students taking the streets to protest... (+more)

Australia: Opposition party releases white paper on higher education

Australia’s Labor party, the opposition party headed by Kim Beazley, has just presented a proposal... (+more)

Quality guarantee for international students in the Netherlands?

A "Code of Conduct with respect to International Students in Dutch Higher Education" came ... (+more)

South America: Towards the creation of a common space for higher education?

Brazil and Argentina are making the first steps towards the creation of a Mercosur University. The m... (+more)

Flanders: Important changes in higher education

Higher education in Flanders is undergoing some important changes following the approval of the prop... (+more)

Australia and the Bologna process

The April issue of the ACA Newsletter Education Europe reported on a consultation paper release... (+more)

Finland: Tuition fees for foreign students postponed

The November 2005 issue of the ACA Newsletter Education Europe reported on the possibility... (+more)

Education in Africa: New Action Plan

African education ministers approved the Action Plan for the second Decade of Education (2006-2015) ... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Evaluating the efficiency of public research spending

The objective of this tender by the European Commission DG Economic and Financial affairs is to crea... (+more)

Defining VET professions

The aim of this call issued by Cedefop is to develop a common competence framewo... (+more)

Access to information for language professionals

The overall objective of this call from the European Commission is to provide better access to infor... (+more)

Job mobility in the EU

This call from the European Commission (DG Employment) consists in carrying out a study on job mobil... (+more)

Promoting European higher education

The overall objective of this call from the European Commission is to help make European higher educ... (+more)


Education in countries with poor governance: Lessons and good practice

Education in fragile states: Capturing lessons and identifying good practice, Rose, P., Greeley... (+more)

International migration

International Migration Outlook 2006, OECD. This publication analyses recent trends in migration mo... (+more)

Women in education and employment

Women in education and employment 2010, European Training Foundation report, 2006. This report is b... (+more)

Higher education and GATS

Higher education and GATS - Regulatory consequences and stakeholders' responses, A. Vlk, CHEPS, 2006... (+more)

Bologna process: Comparing adaptations of European higher education systems

Change of degrees and degrees of change: comparing adaptations of European higher education systems ... (+more)

e-Learning strategies of higher education institutions

e-Learning strategies of higher education institutions, P. Boezerooij, Center for Higher Education a... (+more)


Upcoming conferences September 2006 - August 2007

7-9 September 2006EAEA seminar "Adult learning for democratic citizenship in a globalizing worl... (+more)