Leading partner: DAAD

Objective: The PLA will provide European level training and mutual learning opportunities for relevant national structures and HEIs in the countries, in order to stimulate cross-country exchange, discuss concrete and approaches in the integration of highly skilled population in academia and the labour market, and to prepare for the ensuing webinars in 2018/19.

Short description: The PLA will be a two-day activity, each day dedicated to one of the key topics - the integration of refugee students (led by DAAD, on the Integra programme) and the integration of refugee scholars (led by EDUFI, good practices in Finland). Each day, one part of the PLA will be dedicated to presenting successful initiatives and then followed by group activities to exchange experiences and discuss country-specific needs and the follow up activities.

Target group: national-level organisations and HEI representatives from the 9 target countries: Austria, Belgium/Flanders Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK

Date and location: 24-25 September 2018, Brussels

The PLA is an invitation-only event. However, if you work for a HEI or a network actively involved in refugee support, and if you are keenly interested to take part, please contact us: marija.mitic(at)