CALL FOR PROPOSALS – parallel tracks

What are we looking for?


ACA is searching for practical examples of innovative partnerships to be presented in one of the 4 parallel sessions (tracks), which refer to 4 specific dimensions or areas of international collaboration.


By practical examples and innovative partnerships, we mean, in particular:

•Partnerships functioning in a specific area (joint study programmes, research collaborations or multidimensional partnerships) that can be at university, faculty or study programme level;

•Concrete, hands-on, real-life examples of collaboration, showing the actual way of ‘doing things’;

Success stories that could serve as an inspiration, or a good practice example, for other universities;

•Successful partnerships, despite having encountered some challenges that are worth talking about with the audience; and

•Cooperation accounts that could be (ideally) presented in a duo, i.e. by two partners jointly.


If you think that your university/faculty/programme has an experience worth sharing in one of these 4 areas of collaboration, i.e. that ‘the world should know about it’, do respond to this call for proposals!


Which track?


The partnership example(s) must be in one of the 4 areas, as follows:


Track 1 – enhancing quality in joint study programmes

Key words: atypical, out of the box, joint programme

Here we are looking for non-standard type(s) of collaboration in implementing joint programmes, either in form or in essence, especially with a view to maximising the quality of education. Examples proposed could equally be of joint programmes that managed to overcome some of the typical challenges of such cooperation through unusual solutions. Speakers could also address the key ingredients for successful collaborations.


Track 2 – monitoring & assessing collaborations

Key words: evaluation, monitoring, strategic choices

Here we are interested in university-level example(s) of how to monitor existing collaborations, and how to evaluate the quality of international partnerships in order to cooperate with partners more strategically, and to support leadership decisions. We are also interested in what makes partnerships strategic or not, and in which type of indicators, data and qualitative information are used to assess the success of partnerships.


Track 3 – research collaborations

Key words: research, out of the ordinary, success factors

Here we are zooming on out-of-the-ordinary example(s) on how to approach university, faculty and programme-level research collaborations, as well as in the factors (tips) that make such collaborations successful, long-term.


Track 4 – multidimensional partnerships

Key words: multidimensional, university missions, sustainability

Here we want to identify interesting examples of multi-faceted international partnerships, e.g. combining teaching, joint research and joint community work. We aim to address the strategic choices behind and the dynamics of such collaborations, as well as the sustainability of cooperation.


How to submit a proposal?


There are two ways to submit a proposal:

•The ‘traditional’ way – by preparing a one-pager outlining your presentation idea, explaining how you would see the session develop and by specifying what makes your partnership example an ideal fit to the chosen track (parallel session). Please remember to specify under which track you are applying, and who the speaker(s) would be.

•The ‘alternative’ way – by filming a short video (max. 2 min.) in which you do the same as above, i.e. outline your presentation idea, explain how you would see the session develop and by specify what makes your partnership example an ideal fit to the chosen track (parallel session). Please remember to specify under which track you are applying, and who the speaker(s) would be. The video can be filmed with a smart phone or with any technology that is easily-available (e.g. Skype, etc.); it does not require professional support. 


Applications should be sent to Irina Ferencz at the ACA Secretariat (




Application deadline: 25 August 2017 inclusive

Selection deadline: 30 August 2017


Conditions for participation


The selected applicants get a full fee-waiver for the event. All others submitting a proposal are offered a 25% discount on the full fee level.



For any related questions, please write to