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EMA: Second Meeting of the Launch Committee in Brussels

On 19-20 October, a second meeting of the Liaison Committee of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association (EMA) took place in Brussels. The meeting was organised by DG EAC together with ACA, and aimed to put together guidelines for the EMA's activities in 2007/ 2008. After the Erasmus Mundus Student Seminar last summer, a group of 31 students (one representative per EM course, mandated by the plenary) further discussed the organisational structure of and services to be provided by the EMA in a separate workshop. This group formed the EMA Liaison Committee, which later designated the EMA Launch Committee, composed of seven communicators of working groups on different services to be provided by the EMA. All the members of the EMA Liaison and Launch Committee were invited to this meeting, but only 19 students and alumni could participate. The programme consisted of one starting plenary, working sessions for each EMA team, one final plenary with the presentation of results of all working groups and a restricted meeting of the Launch Committee, to draw operational conclusions. All participants were very constructive, both during the group work and plenary sessions. The documents resulting from the EMA group work at this meeting will be available to Erasmus Mundus students on the EMA website in the beginning of November, and they will be presented in the second edition of the EMA Newsletter, distributed to all the EM students and graduates, as well as to Erasmus Mundus national structures and course coordinators. Erasmus Mundus Alumni
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