Improving undergraduate education in Europe: liberal arts and science colleges

Brussels, 9 October 2014

Do you know what Liberal Arts are?

Originally from Europe, Liberal Arts education was based on the seven liberal arts – artes liberales – those focusing on language (grammar, rhetoric and logic) and those with mathematical elements (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and theory of music). The idea behind artes liberales was that education should, above all, lead to a well-rounded and – free - person. The seven liberal arts were the foundation for any further training and specialisation.

Nowadays, Liberal Arts Colleges are an integral and valued component of US higher education, but some time ago, Europe began to 're-import'  liberal arts and science education. 

To show what it looks like in practice, we have asked Dr Joachim Koops, Dean of Brussels-based Vesalius College to tell us more about the liberal arts aspect of teaching at Vesalius College.

Vesalius College was founded 26 years ago by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Boston University (BU). It represents ‘an education marriage’ between the European and the American system, and was created with the aim to bring to the centre of Europe an international faculty offering the best of two different educational traditions: the Anglo-Saxon teaching system and the Franco-Germanic approach.



On 9 October ACA will host its 43rd European Policy Seminar, which will focus on Liberal Arts (and Sciences) education in Europe. It will provide an introduction into the philosophy and the main features of Liberal Arts education as well as present and analyse varied examples of successful Liberal Arts programmes in different European countries. Its aim is to also to clarify the concept of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the core idea behind such education. 

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