ACA Annual Conference 2014: Europe in the world. Higher education developments across the globe

Bordeaux, 15-17 June 2014


Plenary session 1: the global attractiveness of European higher education

Erasmus+: an instrument for global outreach?
pdf Christian Tauch (109 KB)
The Bologna Process: a model for higher education worldwide?
Assessing the attractiveness of European higher education: A view from the US
pdf John H. Yopp (678 KB)

Parallel sessions 1: regional perspectives

China: the new centre of gravity?
pdf Liqiu Meng (285 KB)
pdf Marc Zolver (1.4 MB)
The US: still reigning supreme?
pdf Rolf Hoffmann 01 (1.0 MB)

Panel discussion

The geopolitics of global higher education
pdf Patricia Pol (608 KB)

Plenary session 2: the future of higher education

The end of the traditional university? MOOCs and open content

Parallel sessions 2: more regional perspectives

India: still grappling with quality?
pdf Lynne Heslop (220 KB)
pdf Shaun Curtis 01 (6.9 MB)
Russia: internationalisation all over?
pdf Caroline Dufy (782 KB)
The Gulf: education hubs
pdf Robert Coelen 01 (857 KB)

Closing plenary session

Five uneasy questions on internationalisation in higher education