ACA Annual Conference 2014: Europe in the world. Higher education developments across the globe

Bordeaux, 15-17 June 2014


The Europe-Education-Formation Agency in France is mandated by the European Commission since 1995 to promote and manage several European programmes. This is the only national agency in charge of the European Lifelong Learning programme (LLP).

These programmes aim to enable all citizens to acquire new skills relevant to a career in the fields of education and vocational training.

The 2e2f agency is under the supervision of three ministries: The Ministry of Higher Education and Research, The Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Training and Social Dialogue. It is located in Bordeaux and employs 87 people.

We work with developers of mobility, which act as intermediaries between the agency and the applicants to our programmes. These developers are local and regional institutions such as networks for employment and vocational training, employment centres, local missions, local authorities, international relations departments of universities and schools, etc.

The agency is also a member of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), a think-tank bringing together national organisations from all over Europe who are dedicated to the internationalization of European higher education and to the promotion of innovation. The agency is a true driving force for strategic discussions on the internationalization of the European higher education area and the Bologna process.