ACA Annual Conference 2014: Europe in the world. Higher education developments across the globe

Bordeaux, 15-17 June 2014

Co-organised by Agence 2e2f

ACA’s Annual Conferences have become a synonym for high-quality information, analysis and discussion on current policy and practice-related issues in the area of European and international higher education. They bring together central actors and decision-makers in higher education, such as rectors, vice-rectors, faculty and international relations staff, as well as policy-makers and practitioners from government departments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and think tanks. Furthermore, they offer opportunities for learning, exchange and networking at a high level.  And they gather, in general, 300+ participants, from Europe and beyond.

Theme, plenaries and parallel sessions

The 2014 Annual Conference will be no exception to this rule. Co-organised with the Agence Europe-Education-Formation France, the conference will have three foci, which we try to sum up in the conference title: Europe in the world. Higher education trends across the globe.

First, it will assess the relative attractiveness of European higher education on a global scale.  Issues to be addressed here include the European Union’s ‘foreign policy’ in higher education, the global outreach under the new Erasmus+ Programme, and the Bologna Process as a model for regional cooperation worldwide. We will also have a north-American view on the relative strengths and weaknesses of Europe’ universities and colleges.

Second, the conference will address present and future key issues of European and global higher education, amongst them the future of the university in a world characterised by MOOCs and open educational resources, transnational education, and strategic partnerships.

Third, the event will analyse, in two sets of parallel sessions, recent trends in major non-European countries and regions around the world and present state-of-the-art partnerships between universities in these regions and countries and in Europe. The countries and regions chosen cover a large part of the globe. There will be sessions on Africa, China, the Gulf Region, India, Latin America, the Mediterranean Basin, Russia, and the United States of America. The parallel sessions are designed to be interactive: concise and provocative input statements will be followed by a guided discussion amongst participants.

The conference language will be English. Two parallel sessions, however, will be held in French. 


In our choice of speakers, we remain boringly conservative. We invite only top speakers. Presenters at an ACA Annual Conference are chosen exclusively from a small group of internationally reputed experts from the fields of higher education research and higher education policy. In the course of the coming weeks, we will present these outstanding personalities to you – one by one.