Mobility windows and the internationalisation of the curriculum

Brussels, 5 December 2013


Comprehensive internationalisation
pdf Jeroen Huisman (127 KB)
Internationalisation - the view of the European Union
Mobility windows-clarifying an 'elastic concept'
pdf Irina Ferencz (409 KB)
Mobility windows for internships
pdf Gerrit Schreiber (1.0 MB)
Windows for studies

Judith Peltz

Double and joint degree programmes: windows by definition?
pdf Ilkka Mikkonen (0.9 MB)
Internationalising the curriculum
pdf Jos Beelen (1.3 MB)
A mixed, comprehensive approach - bridging strategy with DNA, involving ALL staff and students
Introspection Windows: contemporary reflections on the why and how of internationalisation
pdf Piet van Hove (4.1 MB)
The internationalisation strategy of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel