Mobility windows and the internationalisation of the curriculum

Brussels, 5 December 2013


Practitioners and scholars in the field of international higher education often have different views about university internationalisation. They might have endless discussions about the focus of internationalisation, be it preparation of graduates for life and work in an increasingly globalised society or recruitment of fee-paying international students. But they would probably all agree that this is a complex, multi-faceted and at times puzzling task, which can and should be revisited on many occasions. This is exactly why ACA is taking a fresh look at various practices and blueprints of internationalisation of the curriculum and structured mobility at the next policy seminar in Brussels.

Participants of the next ACA policy seminar, entitled Mobility windows and the internationalisation of the curriculum, will try to understand what comprehensive internationalisation could mean nowadays and what can be the ways to achieve it. In particular, they will deal with not so trivial questions of how internationalisation is perceived and supported at the EU level and how mobility windows and other types of structured mobility can be integrated into international academic portfolios in order to support internationalisation of the curriculum. These issues were explored in the ACA’s book Mobility windows: from concept to practice which has appeared recently in the ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education.

Targeted at a broad higher education community, this policy seminar will try to mix practitioners that come from curriculum design and internationalisation, as well as decision and policy makers that are involved in shaping broader internationalisation frameworks. Critical reflection, open discussion, exchange of hands-on experience and practical advice are amongst the usual ingredients of all ACA European Policy Seminars.

39th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association