Making sense of the MOOCs

Brussels, 10 October 2013


MOOCs. An introduction
pdf Tim Gore (4.0 MB)
MOOCing higher education at home and abroad. Best practices and worst challenges.
pdf Rolf Hoffmann (1.1 MB)
European MOOCs in global context
pdf Kris Olds (2.7 MB)
Funding MOOCs. Are the business models sustainable?
pdf William Lawton (2.1 MB)
MOOCs: European perspectives
pdf Michael Gaebel (756 KB)
"Traditional" Open and Distance Learning: What is out there, how do the MOOCs fit in?
pdf Joran van Aart (3.3 MB)
Open(ing up) Education and OpenupEd MOOCs: context and perspectives
pdf Fred Mulder (1.2 MB)
MOOCs at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
pdf Karl Aberer (3.5 MB)