The IMPI initiative and beyond.
Mapping and profiling internationalisation

Brussels, 10 May 2012


Having a good international reputation is important; even more so is the effective delivery of sound internationalisation policies and initiatives. European higher education institutions are investing ever more efforts and resources into enhancing their internationalisation activities and in expanding their outreach. But how well are they doing in this regard? Are international activities well-aligned with institutional (internationalisation) strategies? Are institutions making progress towards their goals in this area? And, very importantly, how are individual institutions doing in comparison to their peers? These are some of the questions and concerns that inspired the IMPI Project—a European Commission-funded initiative meant to develop a set of Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation ideally suited for use at the institutional level. IMPI has been coordinated by CHE Consult, in partnership with ACA and four ACA member organisations: CampusFrance, Nuffic, Perspektywy and SIU.

This event will present the main output of the project—The IMPI toolbox—a comprehensive, yet user-friendly list of internationalisation indicators, developed to support European higher education institutions in better tracking and self-assessing their international endeavours. The toolbox—accessible online and free of charge—was developed in cooperation with over 40 higher education institutions from more than 10 European countries and tested for two main purposes: institutional self-assessment and international/inter-institutional benchmarking. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity to see how the tool works in practice and to learn about its added value from a number of institutions that participated in its development. The conversation will also address the various challenges inherent in measuring internationalisation. Finally, the programme will include a number of interesting projects focused on similar issues, providing a perspective on how the IMPI initiative fits into a wider policy context, across the EU and beyond.