Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

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The DAAD is a joint organisation of Germany’s higher education institutions. It promotes international academic relations all over the world, primarily through the exchange of students, academics and researchers. It offers more than 200 student and faculty scholarship and cooperation programmes which are open to applicants from abroad and Germany alike and cover all academic disciplines and all countries. In addition, the DAAD is funding the internationalisation of Germany’s universities through worldwide institutional partnerships, summer schools, international degree programmes, etc. Supporting the reform of higher education systems in developing and transition countries in the South and the East is one of DAAD`s tasks as well. All funding decisions are being taken by independent academic Selection Committees.

DAAD is also maintaining and establishing German language, literature and culture studies at selected universities around the world. International marketing of study, research and training in Germany and in the European Union belongs to DAAD’s main objectives as well. Besides the above mentioned activities the DAAD is acting as National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (LLP-ERASMUS, ERASMUS Mundus, TEMPUS and other EU-Third Country Cooperation Programmes). All in all, the DAAD is supporting with a total budget of

€ 350 million more than 55.000 people in cross-border education and research and 30.000 in mobility activities funded through LLP/ERASMUS.